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See how the political parties of Canada plan to address a variety of health-related topics.*

Climate Change

The climate crisis is a healthcare issue. Air quality, weather-related hazards, and water contamination are just some of the ways in which climate change manifests at the healthcare level. Canada’s population is especially vulnerable to the effects of the impact of human behaviour on climate, and our government is potentially positioned to have a meaningful influence on the crisis.

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Opioid Crisis

Canada is currently facing a national public health crisis with opioids. Like many healthcare organizations, RDoC is committed to promoting the development of strategies and enhancing our medical education curriculum. But this epidemic calls for a response that is all-encompassing in its approach – from individual healthcare practitioners to federal policy makers.

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Canada is the only country with universal healthcare that does not also have universal pharmacare. The smooth implementation of a national plan will be a challenge for any government. Any political party hoping to address or tackle this issue will need to plan comprehensively and collaboratively.

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Refugee, Migrant and Immigrant Health

In 2018, Canada resettled more refugees than any other country. These groups face a multitude of problems with regards to healthcare and coverage, including cultural barriers and coverage ineligibility. As the make-up of Canada’s population changes, it must remain the case that all Canadians receive the care that they deserve.

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Seniors’ Care

Canada’s aging population is changing the face of our healthcare system. Over the last 40 years, the population of senior Canadians has more than tripled in size. This increasing section of our population requires better and more responsive care, a problem that needs attention from a variety of angles.

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Small Business Taxes

Physicians across Canada were paying attention when reforms to small business taxes were proposed in 2017. This election’s contenders are proposing a wide variety of approaches in improving or reimagining Canada’s tax system. Any change stands to impact physicians across Canada – especially those who are also current or future small business owners.

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*Party platform information, courtesy of the website from the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) and CBC News.